Online Lottery Syndicates

“You can have all the money in the world, but it can’t buy you happiness” they say. While we (EuroMillions Winners) know that “whomever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply don’t know where to go shopping”

A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed  transact some specific business, to pursue or promote a shared interest. In most cases formed groups aim to scale up their profits.

Syndicate is the best way to play National Lottery Games. It’s a group of player who purchase lottery tickets together and share in the prize winnings. Syndicates consist of a group of friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbours. And what’s better than to win the people you know and love.

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Here’s How The Euromillions Lottery Syndicate Works (And How You Can Win Money By Joining It…)

  • 1) The EuroMillions lottery holds the record for the single biggest jackpot payout prize in Europe at 190 million euros (over £146 million, £146,746,000.00 to be precise). And if you want to win an enormous tax-free, lump-sum jackpot then a good idea would be to join The EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate. Here’s why…
  • 2) The Euromillions lottery is held twice a week, with draws taking place on Tuesdays & Fridays.
  • 3) As part of the The EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate, you get a share in the Double Euro Syndicate, which is 400 tickets over 3 draws (2 EuroMillions and 1 Eurojackpot).
  • 4) This gives you a 133 times greater winning chance per draw, and more chances of hitting the jackpot, than a single ticket purchase (which is all you’d get if you bought one in a shop).
  • 5) The EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate has generated winners from every part of the world, with prizes from 4 GBP up to $50,000.00 GBP(won 3 weeks ago on the very last Euromillions run).
  • 6) Given that The EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate is a relatively new offer, we’ve already seen over 4,987 unique winners, and a total of over 24,000 winning combinations. In fact, the total payouts for syndicates in the last 6 months is over 1,000,000.00 GBP.

Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:45.

Ticket sales for both Tuesday and Friday close at 20:30CET (19:30GMT) on the evening of the draw. And re-opens at 20:00CET (21:00GMT) for the following draw.

HOW TO PLAY: Choose five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12.

Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of the draw.

Playing online lottery syndicates online massively improves your chances for winning (90x), more prizes in each draw!

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